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Overview of eCLIPSE

Licenses and Inspections (L&I) Electronic Commercial Licensing, Inspection and Permitting Services Enterprise (eCLIPSE) brings L&I’s services online.


eCLIPSE allows customers to:
  • Apply for business licenses online.
  • Pay for licenses online using a credit card or check
  • Link L&I issued licenses to an online user profile
  • Download, save and print licenses (approval and payment required)
  • Schedule business license inspections

More features to come, including:

  • Scheduling Inspections
  • Applying for Permits
Use eCLIPSE to Apply for and Renew Licenses Online

Note: Unpaid tax balances will prevent the processing of new and renewal of business licenses

Customers with unpaid tax balances should work with the Revenue Department to make arrangements to pay any delinquent fees.

Step 1 Register for and activate an account in eCLIPSE

Customers must use an active email account to register for a user account in eCLIPSE, before they can apply for and renew their licenses online. When registering with eCLIPSE, customers will be prompted to:

  • Enter a valid email address 
  • Create a password
  • Enter name and phone number
  • Choose a security question and supply an answer

Customers will receive an email asking them to confirm registration before their new eCLIPSE user account will be activated.

Step 2 Access existing account information, including all business licenses, by associating your Activity License.

Refer to step-by-step screenshots of the license association process. 

Access existing licenses or apply for new licenses by first associating an existing Activity License. If you do not have an Activity License, Apply Online Today!

To associate an existing Activity License, you will need the following information:

1 Tax ID:
7-digit Revenue Tax Account Number, which may be found on your invoice or retrieved from the Philadelphia Department of Revenue.

If you are exempt from Activity License requirements, the invoice will instead include an Online Identification Number (which can also be retrieved by contacting License Issuance).

2 Activity License (also known as Commercial Activity License or Business Privilege License):
This must be entered in a 6 digit format. If your license contains only 5 digits, enter a leading ‘0’.

3 SSN or EIN Associated with your Revenue Tax Account.

Step 3 Associate any Existing Trade Licenses To associate an existing trade license, you will need the following information:

1 License Number

2 Online Identification Number listed on your renewal notification

Did you receive a Rental License Renewal Notice?

If you already have an eCLIPSE account and received a renewal notice, follow these step-by-step screenshots to renew the license in eCLIPSE. 

Need more assistance? Refer to helpful License FAQs or contact L&I License Issuance.