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City of Philadelphia

Code Bulletins

Fire Alarm

Title Type Number
Manual Fire Alarm Boxes in Multiple-Family Dwellings (R-2 Use Group) Bulletin F-9702
Smoke Alarms in One- and Two-family Dwellings Interpretation B-0502
Public Middle and High Schools - Manual Fire Alarm Boxes Variance of General Application F-2001-007

Fire Suppression

Title Type Number
Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems Bulletin
Existing Building Compliance Alternatives - Fire Protection Bulletin B-9903
Sprinklers in Light Hazard Occupancies - High Rise Retrofit Bulletin B-9905
Certification of Limited Area Sprinkler Systems Bulletin F-9701
Existing R-2 Residential Occupancies, High-Rise Buildings, Fire Suppression - Accessory Spaces Bulletin F-0102
Fire Pump Warranty Service Bulletin 9-0404
Standby Power for Electric Fire Pumps Interpretation B-0802
Fire Department Standpipes Interpretation F-9901

Fire Protection

Title Type Number
Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Bulletin F1602
Fire Protection System Impairments Bulletin F-1601
Fire Command Stations in High-Rise Buildings Bulletin B-0003
Annual High Rise Inspections Bulletin 1101
Shaft Enclosures (Existing Buildings) Bulletin F-0101-R1
Exit Stair Floor Landing Signage Bulletin F-0301

Building Requirements

Title Type Number
Alteration Becomes New Construction Code Solution 14-305(6)
Auxiliary Water Supply Requirements NFPA 2014 Bulletin B-0801 R1
Development in the Special Flood Hazard Area Bulletin A-1702R
Electrical Permits for Public Service Agencies Code Solution PA UCC 7210.502(a.1)
Excavations and the Protection of Adjacent Property - Public and Private Bulletin B-0503-R1
Fire Alarm Monitoring Transmission Bulletin NFPA 72-07 Sections and 1.5.1
Implementation of 2015 Accessibility Provisions Bulletin B-1602
Certificate of Occupancy - Additions to Use Group R-3 Bulletin A-9801
Foundation Waiver Variance of General Application B-0704-84
Classification of Dwellings Involving Lodgers Bulletin Z-0002-R1
Mobile Classrooms Variance of General Application B-0715-96
Soil Investigations for New Construction Bulletin B-9906-R4
Temporary C.O. for Short Term Events Variance of General Application B-0923-05
Demolition of In-Ground Swimming Pools Bulletin B-0403
Preemptions Raised by Act 61, The Propane and LPG Act Bulletin F-0903
UCC Regulations for Residential Foundation Walls Bulletin R-0701
Habitable Basements Emergency and Rescue Openings Bulletin B-0601 R2
Water Resistant Gypsum Backing Board Bulletin B-0001 R1

Plumbing Requirements

Title Type Number
Cast Iron Hubless Couplings Code Solution P-903.9
Exterior Plumbing Code Solution P-501.5, P-605, P-607
Storm Drain Traps to Retention Basins Variance of General Application P-0320-01
Drip Pans for Water Heaters Bulletin P-0604
Philadelphia Plumbing Code Approved Materials Bulletin P-0901 R3
Replacement of Existing Plumbing Fixtures Interpretation P-9701
Hydronic Boiler Connections Interpretation P-0001

Residential Requirements

Title Type Number
Outdoor Portable Fireplaces Bulletin 0602
Television and Radio Antennas Interpretation B-0401
Carbon Monoxide Alarms - Hardwired and Interconnected Interpretation F-0801

Business Regulation

Title Type Number
Boiler Operator License Code Solution 9-501
Pawnbroker and Precious Metal Licenses Interpretation 9-1701
Child Day Care Facilities - Child Count and Facility Classification Bulletin B-9902
Home Based Child Care Facilities Bulletin B-0402
Commercial Cooking Bulletin F-9501
Newsstand Security Gates Interpretation 9-0201


Title Type Number
Balconies Interpretation Z-1601
Conversion of Outdoor Advertising Signs to Digital Display Bulletin Z-1302
Inspection report Requirements for Digital Display Signage Bulletin A-1601
Mixed Income Housing Bonus R1 Bulletin Z-1501 R1
Pedestrian Bridges - University Campuses not in a SP-INS District Bulletin Z-0802 (R2)
Previous Zoning Variances Bulletin Z-1401
Process_Outdoor_Advertisement_SignsV2 Code Solution 14-905, PA Act 160 of 1971
Repair and Reconstruction of Nonconforming Structures Bulletin Z-1301
Steep Slopes Tree Removal Code Solution 14-704(2) and 14-705

General Code Requirements

Title Type Number
Effect of Appeals on Permits Interpretation A-1701
Implementation of 2018 International Codes Bulletin B-1801
Implementation of the 2016 Uniform Construction Code Bulletin B 1601
PA Home Improvement Contractor Requirements Interpretation 9-1801
Permitting For Imminently Dangerous and Unsafe Structures Bulletin PM-1801
Property Rights Relative to the Permit Process Bulletin A-1701
Reissue of Lawful Occupancy Signs Code Solution F-1004.2 and A-106.2
Rides and Attractions Code Solution 9-708 and 9-709
Temporary Uses and Structures Bulletin A-1501 R1
Wireless Service Facilities and Antennas Bulletin A-1302
Certificates of Occupancy for Existing "Uncertified Buildings" Bulletin A-1301
Permit and Board Approval Extensions Authorized by PA Act 46 of 2010 as modified by Act 87 of 2012 Bulletin
Implementation of 2010 Construction Codes Bulletin 904
Lawful Occupancy Signs - Fees Bulletin A-9802
Self Certification of Construction Plans for One-And Two-family Dwellings Bulletin A-0703
Lawful Occupancy Posting for Outdoor Assembly Bulletin F-0103
UCC Certification Requirements for Inspectors Bulletin 0502