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City of Philadelphia


L&I Changes Log

The L&I Changes Log includes process and code changes related to permits and licenses. Changes are posted in descending order, with the newest changes at the top.

The log is a helpful tool when filing a license or permit application, or simply staying up-to-date on the latest changes.

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Other Resources

Get Copies of Permits, Licenses, and Permit Documents

Find out how to get copies of L&I records, including zoning documents, construction permits, certificates of occupancy, lawful occupancy signs, licenses, and violations. Many records/documents can be accessed online, at no cost.  

Zoning Legislation

The Zoning Bill Index is a list of all zoning bills introduced to and enacted by City Council. 


Approved zoning plans and permits have moved to Atlas and are now available in pdf. The new format allows for easy viewing and downloading. Permits and plans are available on the website approximately three (3) weeks after issue.

Visit Atlas – enter an address in the search box, then select ‘Licenses & Inspections’ to expand the tab to show ‘Zoning Permit Documents’, and view the list of available pdf documents.

L&I Codes and Regulations

Review the Codes and Regulations L&I adheres to and enforces. Visit the Department of Records for a complete list of Regulations promulgated by various departments, boards, commissions, and offices of the City since January 1, 2014.

Changes Made by Other City Agencies

While our goal is keep you up-to-date on any changes that may affect your permit or license, please keep in mind that there may be relevant changes to codes/processes made by other departments within the City. You should refer to the following sites for more information: