The Homestead Exemption reduces property taxes for homeowners in Philadelphia. Typical homeowners save around $550 every year on their Real Estate Taxes, starting in 2019.

Unlike many tax relief programs, Homestead doesn’t have income or age requirements. You can’t make too much money, or too little, to qualify. You don’t have to be a senior citizen. You just need to own your home and live in it.

But there is an application deadline, and September 13 is approaching fast!

So, we’re spreading the word any way–and in any language–we can.

Like our city, the Department of Revenue is a diverse environment. Revenue staff come from many backgrounds and speak many languages. We’ve enlisted a few of coworkers to help promote Homestead in their own way.

Rebecca kicks it off in English:

Joseph doubles down in Spanish:

Stephanie says French speakers should parlay the information into savings:

And Aleh rounds it off in Russian: