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Board of Revision of Taxes

Hearing appeals for real estate market value assessments.

Board of Revision of Taxes

What we do

The Board of Revision of Taxes (BRT) makes sure real estate market values are fair and accurate. The Office of Property Assessment (OPA) decides the dollar-value of every piece of real estate within Philadelphia and that value determines how much property tax is owed. Owners who disagree with the OPA can file an appeal with the BRT.

File a real estate market value appeal if:

  • You think the City’s value of your property is too high or too low.
  • The value doesn’t match similar properties in your area.
  • There is a mistake about your property’s square footage, floors, or other characteristics.

We also handle special cases for nonprofit tax exemptions and late, or nunc pro tunc, petitions.


601 Walnut St.
Suite 325 East
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Looking for more information?

You can find more about the Board of Revision of Taxes on the City's legacy pages.