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Homestead affidavit

The Homestead Real Estate Tax Exemption reduces the assessed value of each eligible home, which leads to a lower Real Estate Tax bill. You may be eligible for the three-year Conditional Homestead if:

  • You have inherited the house in which you live from a deceased relative, but the deceased relative’s name is on the most recent deed; your name is not.
  • A fraudulent mortgage or deed was recorded for your house.
  • You entered into a rent-to-own agreement (also called lease/purchase agreements or installment land contracts) to buy the house and have paid all or some of the purchase price for the house, but your name is not on the deed to the house.

To apply for the three-year Conditional Homestead, fill out the Homestead affidavit and provide all of the necessary documentation.

Name Description Released Format
Homestead affidavit PDF Use this form to apply for the 3-year Conditional Homestead to lower your Real Estate Tax bill. June 14, 2022