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Homestead Exemption application

The Homestead Exemption reduces the taxable portion of your property assessment by $45,000 if you own a home in Philadelphia and use it as your primary residence. It saves most homeowners around $629 each year.

Once we accept your Homestead application, you never have to reapply, unless your deed changes.

You can fill out the online application, or print one of the application forms and send them by mail to:

City of Philadelphia
Department of Revenue
PO Box 52817
Philadelphia, PA 19115

If you no longer qualify for the Homestead Exemption you must file the change/removal form.

Name Description Released Format
Homestead Exemption application (English) PDF Use this form to apply for the Homestead Exemption on your Real Estate Tax. April 26, 2021
Homestead Exemption application (Spanish) PDF Utilice este formulario para solicitar una reducción de sus impuestos sobre la propiedad con el programa Homestead Exemption. December 11, 2020
Homestead Exemption application (Chinese) PDF 请使用此表格申请房地产税税收减免-宅地豁免申请。 December 11, 2020
Homestead Exemption application (French) PDF Utilisez ce formulaire pour demander un allégement de vos taxes foncières à travers le programme Homestead Exemption. January 4, 2021
Homestead Exemption application (Vietnamese) PDF Xin vui lòng sử dụng mẫu đơn này để áp dụng cho Chương trình Miễn Thuế Nhà cửa vườn tược. December 11, 2020
Homestead Exemption application (Russian) PDF Для участия в программе Homestead Exemption, воспользуйтесь бланком заявления. December 11, 2020
Homestead Exemptionنموذج طلب الـ (Arabic) PDF استخدم هذا النموذج للطلب بحصانة المساكن لضرائبك العقارية December 11, 2020