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City of Philadelphia

Cable Franchise

The City of Philadelphia needs your help.
The current cable franchise agreement between the City and Verizon was approved in February 2009.

In accordance with the provisions of the agreement, Verizon is obligated to make cable service available throughout the entire city within seven (7) years of the effective date of the agreement.

The effective date of the agreement was February 26, 2009, and, therefore, the 7-year deadline recently passed on February 26, 2016. On or before this date, Verizon was to have made its cable service available throughout the entire city, subject to certain exceptions set forth in the franchise agreement.

The City is in the process of verifying whether Verizon has met its obligation under the franchise agreement.

Click on the blue button to the right to tell us whether you have tried to order Verizon service but have been told by the company that service is not yet available in your neighborhood.

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Cable Franchise Authority
Cable Television Administrator
City Hall, Room 702
Philadelphia, PA 19107