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Comcast Cable Franchise Renewal

Make Your Voice Heard

  • What has been your experience with Comcast and Comcast’s cable service? 
  • What is the value of Comcast's services to you? 
  • What are your ideas on how to keep its value (and increase it over the next 5 to 10 years or more)? 
  • How do you use Comcast’s cable service and what do you expect from it?
The City of Philadelphia will soon begin negotiations with Comcast for renewal of Comcast’s current 15 year cable television franchise, which expires in 2015. As part of the renewal process, the City wants to know the "cable television related needs and interests" of the community.
The City wants to know what you think about Comcast's cable service, even if you are not currently a subscriber. Therefore, as part of the needs and interests assessment, the City is conducting a survey about your experience with cable television.

Please take the survey to help the City better understand your experience with Comcast's cable service so that the City can better represent your cable communications needs and interests for the future.

Philadelphia Cable Television Survey

In addition to taking the survey, you may also provide additional feedback by submitting the easy to complete form below.

Please let friends and neighbors know about these efforts so they may comment as well. The more members of the Philadelphia community the City hears from, the better we can represent your needs and interests to Comcast.

Cable Television Comment Form


Please give us your zip code so we can group responses in the same area of the city if a pattern of problems or issues is identified.

Contact Information

We ask for your name and how to reach you so we can follow up if we need more information. The City will not share your contact information except with those in the City Administration who are responsible for the Comcast renewal.

You do not need to submit contact information for your comments to be received and taken into account.

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Contact Information

Use our Comment Form to submit your feedback or participate by:

Call 215-686-8125 to leave a voicemail.


Cable Franchise Authority
Attn: Mark McLaughlin
Cable Television Administrator
City Hall, Room 702
Philadelphia, PA 19107