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Redeem or replace unclaimed bonds

The Sinking Fund Commission redeems bonds that have matured or been called. It also redeems some bonds that have been lost, stolen, or destroyed.

This process applies to bonds issued by:

  • City of Philadelphia General Obligations.
  • Philadelphia Gas Works.
  • Philadelphia Water Department.
  • Philadelphia International Airport.
  • Philadelphia Municipal Authority.

Redeeming bonds

If your bonds have matured or been called, you’ll need to mail the bonds to the appropriate party.

Find out who holds the funds for your bonds.

Contact the Sinking Fund Commission. The executive director will tell you whether the funds are held by the City or the trustee of the bond issue. If the trustee holds your bond’s funds, the executive director will tell you where to send your bonds.

You can contact the executive director at (215) 686-3811 or matthew.bowman@phila.gov.

Make a copy of the bonds for your own records.

You’ll need to send the original bonds for redemption.

Send the bonds through a traceable delivery method.

Use a method with tracking to mail or deliver the bonds to the appropriate party. If the funds are held by the trustee, use the mailing address provided by the executive director. If the funds are held by the City, mail your bonds to:

Mr. Matthew Bowman
Executive Director, Sinking Fund Commission
1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Room 640
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Replacing outstanding bonds

If your bonds have been lost, stolen, or destroyed, they can be replaced.

If your lost bonds are still outstanding, contact the trustee to replace lost, stolen, or destroyed bonds that have not matured or been called. The trustee will tell you how to replace your bonds.

Replacing your matured bonds

To replace lost, stolen, or destroyed bonds that have matured or been called, follow the process below.

Complete the lost bond redemption request form and affidavit of loss.

Download the request form and affidavit. Fill out both documents entirely.

Have the form and affidavit notarized.
Purchase a bond of indemnity.

The bond of indemnity must be for the value of the bonds and interest. It must be from a reputable insurance company rated A-VII or better by A.M. Best & Company. It must be an open penalty indemnity bond, and it must indemnify the City of Philadelphia.

Gather supporting documentation.

You’ll need to provide copies of any documentation that support your claim that you own the bonds. You’ll also need to provide a form of identification.

Submit all materials to the City.

Send the notarized request form, notarized affidavit, bond of indemnity, form of identification, and all other supporting documentation to the executive director of the Sinking Fund Commission. You can fax this information to (215) 686-3815 or email matthew.bowman@phila.gov.

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