Special inspections information

Special inspections ensure structural integrity in construction and demolition projects. For some demolition and construction projects, the owner or design professional must hire a special inspections agency to perform the inspections required by the Building Code. The Department of Licenses and Inspections monitors compliance with special inspections requirements.

Special inspections don’t replace inspections performed by L&I.

Name Description Released Format
Exhibit A: Special Inspection Daily Report (sample) PDF Example daily log report on a job where special inspections are needed. May 29, 2019
Exhibit B: Special Inspection Deficiency Notice (sample) PDF Example of notice when there are problems on a job site. May 29, 2019
Exhibit C: Special Inspection Final Report (sample) PDF This form is used to list what items received special inspections and attest to compliance with plans and Codes. May 29, 2019
Special Inspections Duties and Responsibilities Agreement PDF This form details the duties of each person responsible for a special inspection. September 17, 2020
Special Inspections Final Compliance form PDF This form lists the final compliance of a special inspection. September 9, 2019
Special Inspections Publication PDF This publication provides consolidated Special Inspections information. September 9, 2019
Statement of Special Inspections PDF This form is used by responsible design professional to identify which special inspections are required for project. December 23, 2019
Special Inspection Agency and Inspector Registration PDF Registration form for those performing special inspections. July 3, 2020