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City of Philadelphia


Applicable Codes

The City of Philadelphia adopted the State of Pennsylvania's Act 45, the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) on July 8, 2004. The UCC includes very specific regulations regarding the administration and enforcement of construction codes.

As part of the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC), the Commonwealth has adopted the International Code Council's (ICC) family of codes which are available for free online.

The Philadelphia Building Construction and Occupancy Code contains the local modifications to the ICC codes. Please be aware that for plumbing related items, Philadelphia exclusively uses the Philadelphia Plumbing Code and does not use the ICC plumbing codes.

Applications filed on or after September 1, 2016 must comply with the 2010 Philadelphia Code, incorporating 2009 ICC codes with local modifications, and Chapter 11/ Appendix E of the 2015 International Building Code and 2015 International Existing Building Code. If a design or construction contract for proposed work was signed between December 31, 2012 and December 30,2015, the application must comply with the 2010 Philadelphia Building Code with reference to Chapter 11/ Appendix E of the 2012 International Building Code instead of 2015.

In addition, the complete 2010 Philadelphia Fire Code that merges Philadelphia amendments with 2009 International Fire Code text is available for purchase at the ICC on-line store.

The Philadelphia Administrative Code identifies provisions for administrative, enforcement and appeals regulations for the technical codes which regulate the site, construction, alteration, addition, repair, abatement, removal, demolition, location, occupancy and maintenance of all buildings, structures and building service equipment within the City of Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Property Maintenance Code exists to protect public health, safety and welfare through the regulations on the maintenance of existing structures and properties.

The Philadelphia Zoning Code exists to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of the City of Philadelphia's citizens and visitors. It was updated in December, 2011 for the first time in 50 years and the new code became effective on August 22, 2012.

Complete Listing of Applicable Codes

Philadelphia Code International Code Council
*The Philadelphia Administrative Code 2009 International Building Code
*Philadelphia Building Code2012 International Building Code (Chapter 11)
Philadelphia Residential
2015 International Building Code (Appendix E)
Philadelphia Mechanical
2009 ICC A117.1
Philadelphia Existing
Building Code
2009 International Residential Code
Philadelphia Electrical
2009 International Mechanical Code
Philadelphia Performance Code2009 International Existing Building Code
Philadelphia Energy 
Conservation Code
2009 International Energy Conservation
Philadelphia Fire Code2009 International Fuel Gas Code
Philadelphia Fuel Gas Code2009 ICC Performance Code
Philadelphia Zoning Code

Philadelphia Plumbing Code 

*Please see additional regulations applicable to Philadelphia Administrative and Building Codes

**The International Code Council Codes are available for public viewing at the ICC's Online Digital Library at