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Department of Planning and Development

Shaping the future of Philadelphia by planning and regulating change and growth in the City.

Department of Planning and Development

Housing for Equity: An Action Plan for Philadelphia identifies 34 strategies the City will adopt over the next ten years to support more, and better, housing opportunities. Check out the Action Plan’s First Six-Month Report.

What we do

The Department of Planning and Development makes sure Philadelphia has well-planned neighborhoods, with affordable housing options and access to public art. We oversee historic preservation to honor the City’s unique history; help developers move their projects forward; create citywide and neighborhood plans; and implement zoning.

Our department includes:

We also partner with the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation.

Together we are charting a vibrant future for our city.


1515 Arch St.
13th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102
TTY: (215) 683-0286


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