Deborah McColloch, Director: 1234 Market St., 17th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107
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OHCD Employees by Department

For an alphabetical listing of OHCD employees,click here.

Jenkins, Joel 215-686-9733
Williams, Patricia 215-686-9734

Chrystie, Paul 215-686-9721
Pravs, Monika 215-686-9726
Reyes, Mirta 215-686-9723
Torres, Lourdes 215-686-9749

Cunningham, Stephanie 215-683-3004
Green, Mary 215-683-3002
Newsome, Lynn 215-683-3006
Rodriguez, Linda 215-683-3001

Contract Administration
Brooks, Sherene 215-686-9714
Brown, Carolyn 215-686-9709
Carmona, Hiram 215-686-9742
Diaz, Lisa 215-686-9713
Heaven, Sharee 215-686-9708
Hill, Cheryl 215-686-9712
Morales, Liz 215-686-9753
Randall, Patricia 215-686-9747
Taylor, Laura 215-686-9711
Tumolo, Gary 215-686-9741

Director’s Office
McColloch, Deborah 215-686-9750
Jones, JoAnn 215-686-9756
Massi, Madeline 215-686-9770

Cesario, Paul 215-686-9735
Chladek, Pauline 215-686-9737
Harvey, Linda 215-686-9739
Jackson, Sandy 215-686-9736
Kelly, Kathy 215-686-9740
Lineman, Theresa 215-686-9738

Human Resources
Newman, Christopher 215-686-9724
Forde, Ariana 215-686-9717


Information Technology Services

Cavicchio, Stephen 215-686-9748
Gupta, Vinay 215-686-9702
Howell, William 215-686-9771
Young, Timothy 215-686-9704
Zilberman, Ilya 215-686-9779

Dawkins-Cole, Claudette 215-686-9791
Gerakios, Michael 215-686-9790
Medley, Linda 215-686-9788

Bauerlien, Matthew 215-686-9769
Medina, Franyuri 215-686-9772
Pinkney, Antoinetta 215-686-9762
Stokes, Wayne 215-686-9784

Neighborhood Program Coordination/
Community Development

Cortes, Aida 215-686-9781
Lane, Larry 215-686-9707
Mayo, Belinda 215-686-9763
Price, Angela 215-686-9706
Medina, Rianyuri 215-686-9705

Office Services
Broaddus, Maurice 215-686-9835
Floyd, Patricia 215-509-8636
McLaughlin, Kevin 215-686-9846

Policy and Planning
Coles, Vincent 215-686-9787
Long, Melissa 215-686-9789
O’Toole, James 215-686-9760

Real Estate
Coates, John 215-209-8612
Jarmon, Susie 215-209-8653
Luna, Jeanette 215-209-8603
Payton, Lynda 215-209-8695
Terry, Carolyn 215-209-8723
Williams, Carolyn 215-209-8734

Alphabetical Listing of OHCD Employees

Bauerlien, Matthew (Monitoring) 215-686-9769
Broaddus, Maurice (Office Services) 215-686-9835
Brooks, Sherene (Contract Admin) 215-686-9714
Brown, Carolyn (Contract Admin) 215-686-9709
Carmona, Hiram (Contract Admin) 215-686-9742
Cavicchio, Stephen (IT) 215-686-9748
Cesario, Paul (Fiscal) 215-686-9735
Chladek, Pauline (Fiscal) 215-686-9737
Chrystie, Paul (Communications) 215-686-9721
Coates, John (Real Estate) 215-209-8612
Coles, Vincent (Policy & Planning) 215-686-9787
Cortes, Aida (Neigh Prog Coord) 215-686-9781
Cunningham, Stephanie (Compliance) 215-683-3004
Dawkins-Cole, Claudette (Legal) 215-686-9791
Diaz, Lisa (Contract Admin) 215-686-9713
Floyd, Patricia (Office Services) 215-209-8636
Forde, Ariana (Human Res) 215-686-9717
Gerakios, Michael (Legal) 215-686-9790
Green, Mary (Compliance) 215-683-3002
Gupta, Vinay (IT) 215-686-9702
Harvey, Linda (Fiscal) 215-686-9739
Heaven, Sharee (Contract Admin) 215-686-9708
Hill, Cheryl (Contract Admin) 215-686-9712
Howell, William (IT) 215-686-9771
Jackson, Sandy (Fiscal) 215-686-9736
Jarmon, Susie (Real Estate) 215-209-8653
Jenkins, Joel (Auditing) 215-686-9733
Jones, JoAnn (Director’s Ofc) 215-686-9756
Kelly, Kathy (Fiscal Unit) 215-686-9740
Lane, Larry (Neigh Prog Coord) 215-686-9707
Lineman, Theresa (Fiscal) 215-686-9738
Long, Melissa 215-686-9789
Luna, Jeanette (Real Estate) 215-209-8603
Massi, Madeline (Director’s Ofc) 215-686-9770
Mayo, Belinda (Neigh Prog Coord) 215-686-9763
McLaughlin, Kevin (Office Services 215-686-9846
McColloch, Deborah, Director 215-686-9750
Medina, Franyuri (Monitoring) 215-686-9772
Medina, Rianyuri (Neigh Prog Coord) 215-686-9705
Medley, Linda (Legal) 215-686-9788
Morales, Liz (Contract Admin) 215-686-9753
Newman, Christopher (Human Res) 215-686-9724
Newsome, Lynn (Compliance) 215-683-3006
O’Toole, James (Policy & Planning) 215-686-9760
Payton, Lynda (Real Estate) 215-209-8695
Pinkney, Antoinetta (Monitoring) 215-686-9762
Pravs, Monika (Communications) 215-686-9726
Price, Angela (Neigh Prog Coord) 215-686-9706
Randall, Patricia (Contract Admin) 215-686-9747
Reyes, Mirta (Communications) 215-686-9723
Rodriguez, Linda (Compliance) 215-683-3001
Stokes, Wayne (Monitoring) 215-686-9784
Taylor, Laura (Contract Admin) 215-686-9711
Terry, Carolyn (Real Estate) 215-209-8723
Torres, Lourdes (Communications) 215-686-9749
Tumolo, Gary (Contract Admin) 215-686-9741
Whitehouse, Jane (Communications) 267-278-5379
Williams, Carolyn (Real Estate) 215-209-8734
Williams, Patricia (Auditing) 215-686-9734
Young, Timothy (IT) 215-686-9704
Zilberman, Ilya (IT) 215-686-9779

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