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Accessible, get help making your home

The Adaptive Modifications Program (AMP) helps people with disabilities live more independently in their homes.

Foreclosure, save your property from

Resources to avoid losing your home through foreclosure in Philadelphia.

Heater repairs, get emergency

Emergency home heater repairs for those who are eligible.

Home improvement loan, apply for a low-interest

Restore, Repair, Renew offers low-interest loans for home repairs.

Home repairs and modifications for seniors, get

Get minor repairs and modifications in homes owned by residents 60 and older.

Home repairs, get emergency

Free repairs to correct electrical, plumbing, heating, structural, and roofing emergencies in eligible owner-occupied homes in Philadelphia.

Home title, apply for a grant to clear

Grants for low-income people who want to clear up ownership of their home.

Home, buy your first

Get help buying your new home with a Philly First Home grant.

Housing, find accessible

How to find accessible housing.

Housing, find affordable rental

How to find affordable rental housing in Philadelphia.

Housing, find emergency

Find where to get help if you are experiencing homelessness or are about to lose your home.

Utility bills, get help paying

How to get help if you’re in danger of getting your utilities shut off or going without heat in your home.

Utility costs, get advice to reduce

At a Neighborhood Energy Center, residents can get advice on how they can reduce energy costs.