Neighborhood resources

Housing counseling

City-funded housing counseling agencies offer group and individual counseling to help you buy and maintain a home, avoid eviction and foreclosure, and more.

Learn more about housing counseling.

Neighborhood Advisory Committees (NACs)

Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) organizations help residents learn about City programs that could benefit them.

Learn more about NACs.

Neighborhood Energy Centers

Energy Coordinating Agency’s (ECA) Neighborhood Energy Centers (NECs) provide information on how to save on utilities and get help paying energy bills.

Learn more about NECs in Philadelphia.

Choice Neighborhoods Initiative

The Choice Neighborhoods Initiative is a program of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Its goal is to transform neighborhoods of extreme poverty into functioning, sustainable, mixed-income communities.

The North Central Philadelphia Transformation Plan is part of the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative.  To learn more, visit the North Central Choice website.


DHCD supports the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s LandCare Program. The LandCare program cleans, greens, and stabilizes vacant lots to help return them to productive use. To learn more, visit the LandCare webpage.