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Housing Advisory Board


In 2015, Philadelphia’s voters created the Housing Advisory Board. The board includes members of the housing, real estate, and lending industries. It also includes relevant government agencies.

The board suggests ways to maintain and increase the supply of housing for all income levels. The board also reviews and provides advice on the Department of Planning and Development’s strategic housing plans.

Housing Advisory Board Agenda

Virtual Meeting of June 9, 2021

Took place on the Zoom platform. Contact Mirta Duprey at for more information.

Housing Advisory Board members

Name Role Designee
Monica Burch Mortgage Lending Sector
Barbara Capozzi Real Estate Brokerage Sector
Daniel Cortes Not-For-Profit Housing Development Sector
Thomas Earle City-wide Affordable Housing Advocacy Organization
Michael A. Rashid Commerce Director Karen Fegely
Anne Fadullon Director of Planning and Development
Greg Heller Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority
Greg Hill For-Profit Housing Development Sector
Kelvin Jeremiah Philadelphia Housing Authority Stephanie Pastula
Andrew Goodman City Council Committee
David S. Thomas Philadelphia Housing Development Corp.
Herb Wetzel City Council President