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EEO compliance

DHCD ensures that the organizations it works with meet all federal, state, and local requirements related to equal opportunity.

Equal opportunity compliance requirements

  • Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 ensures that employment, training, contracting, and other opportunities generated by certain HUD financial assistance, to the greatest extent feasible, be directed to low-income persons and businesses for projects in their neighborhoods.
  • Executive Order 03-12 (PDF) seeks to create a level playing field that will increase the number of prime contracts and subcontracts going to minority, woman, and disabled-owned businesses (M/W/DSBE).
  • Federal Executive Order 11246 prohibits discrimination based on a number of criteria.
  • Chapter 17-2000 of the Philadelphia Code requires that the City enter into an agreement with recipients of certain City funding, including Community Development Block Grant funds. That agreement will require the recipients to use a registry available through the City as a first source for hiring for entry-level jobs created by the funding.
  • An Economic Opportunity Plan (EOP) may be required on contracts over $100,000. An EOP is a document created to ensure use of minority, woman, and disabled-owned businesses.

Minority, woman, and disabled-owned businesses

Minority, woman, and disabled-owned businesses can increase their opportunities to do business under DHCD and City contracts by becoming certified and joining the registry with the City’s Office of Economic Opportunity. Majority contractors seeking to find M/W/DSBE subcontractors can also use the Office of Economic Opportunity registry.

DHCD’s Compliance Office

We’re happy to work with organizations that have contracts with DHCD and certain contracts with the:

  • Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA).
  • Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation (PHDC).
  • Philadelphia Land Bank.

For assistance with PHDC, email or call (215) 683-3002.

For assistance with PRA and Land Bank, email or call (215) 683-3004.