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Code Bulletins

Fire Alarm

Title Type Number
Manual Fire Alarm Boxes in Multiple-Family Dwellings (R-2 Use Group) Bulletin F-9702
Smoke Alarms in One- and Two-family Dwellings Interpretation B-0502
Public Middle and High Schools - Manual Fire Alarm Boxes Variance of General Application F-2001-007

Fire Suppression

Title Type Number
Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems Bulletin
Existing Building Compliance Alternatives - Fire Protection Bulletin B-9903
Sprinklers in Light Hazard Occupancies - High Rise Retrofit Bulletin B-9905
Certification of Limited Area Sprinkler Systems Bulletin F-9701
Existing R-2 Residential Occupancies, High-Rise Buildings, Fire Suppression - Accessory Spaces Bulletin F-0102
Fire Pump Warranty Service Bulletin 9-0404
Standby Power for Electric Fire Pumps Interpretation B-0802
Fire Department Standpipes Interpretation F-9901

Fire Protection

Title Type Number
Fire Command Stations in High-Rise Buildings Bulletin B-0003
Annual High Rise Inspections Bulletin 1101
Shaft Enclosures (Existing Buildings) Bulletin F-0101-R1
Exit Stair Floor Landing Signage Bulletin F-0301

Building Requirements

Title Type Number
Code Bulletin B-1302 Demolition Standards and Activity Controls Bulletin B-1302
Implementation of 2012 Accessibility Provisions Bulletin B-1301
Certificate of Occupancy - Additions to Use Group R-3 Bulletin A-9801
Foundation Waiver Variance of General Application B-0704-84
Classification of Dwellings Involving Lodgers Bulletin Z-0002-R1
Mobile Classrooms Variance of General Application B-0715-96
Party Wall Extensions Bulletin B-0702
Soil Investigations for New Construction Bulletin B-9906-R4
Temporary C.O. for Short Term Events Variance of General Application B-0923-05
Demolition of In-Ground Swimming Pools Bulletin B-0403
Excavations and the Protection of Foundations Bulletin B-0503
Preemptions Raised by Act 61, The Propane and LPG Act Bulletin F-0903
UCC Regulations for Residential Foundation Walls Bulletin R-0701
Habitable Basements Emergency and Rescue Openings Bulletin B-0601 R2
Water Resistant Gypsum Backing Board Bulletin B-0001 R1
NFPA 14 Auxiliary Water Supply Requirements Bulletin B-0801

Plumbing Requirements

Title Type Number
Storm Drain Traps to Retention Basins Variance of General Application P-0320-01
Drip Pans for Water Heaters Bulletin P-0604
Philadelphia Plumbing Code Approved Materials Bulletin P-0901 R3
Replacement of Existing Plumbing Fixtures Interpretation P-9701
Hydronic Boiler Connections Interpretation P-0001
Dormitories - Plumbing Fixture Requirements Interpretation PM-0001

Residential Requirements

Title Type Number
Outdoor Portable Fireplaces Bulletin 0602
Television and Radio Antennas Interpretation B-0401
Carbon Monoxide Alarms - Hardwired and Interconnected Interpretation F-0801

Business Regulation

Title Type Number
Child Day Care Facilities - Child Count and Facility Classification Bulletin B-9902
Home Based Child Care Facilities Bulletin B-0402
Commercial Cooking Bulletin F-9501
Newsstand Security Gates Interpretation 9-0201


Title Type Number
Conversion of Outdoor Advertising Signs to Digital Display Bulletin Z-1302
Mixed Income Housing Bonus Bulletin Z-1501
Pedestrian Bridges - University Campuses not in a SP-INS District Bulletin Z-0802 (R2)
Previous Zoning Variances Bulletin Z-1401
Repair and Reconstruction of Nonconforming Structures Bulletin Z-1301

General Code Requirements

Title Type Number
Temporary Uses and Structures Bulletin A-1501
Wireless Service Facilities and Antennas Bulletin A-1302
Certificates of Occupancy for Existing "Uncertified Buildings" Bulletin A-1301
Permit and Board Approval Extensions Authorized by PA Act 46 of 2010 as modified by Act 87 of 2012 Bulletin
Implementation of 2010 Construction Codes Bulletin 904
Permit Fees - Demolition Associated with New Construction Bulletin A-9402-R2
Lawful Occupancy Signs - Fees Bulletin A-9802
Self Certification of Construction Plans for One-And Two-family Dwellings Bulletin A-0703
Lawful Occupancy Posting for Outdoor Assembly Bulletin F-0103
UCC Certification Requirements for Inspectors Bulletin 0502