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Register with the City of Philadelphia

Many professionals, and their employers, are responsible for registering with the City of Philadelphia and obtaining licenses to conduct business operations. Our catalog of licenses is available online. You can find descriptions and applications for each license, and can browse alphabetically or by business activity.

Prohibited Streets List (for Vending Applicants) 
The Prohibited Streets List contains the list of street locations designated by City Council through Section 9-205 of the Philadelphia Code, which prohibits vendors to exhibit, display, offer for sale or sell any goods, wares, or merchandise or place or allow any stand to remain on the sidewalks of these streets.

The following are Special Vending Districts: Center City, University City, Central Germantown Business District, 52nd St. Business District and the Germantown Corridor Business District. Within these Special Vending Districts, permission to vend requires the approval from the Department of Licenses and Inspections's Vending Unit. The Prohibited Streets List provides the boundaries of these districts. 

At this time, interpretation of the the Prohibited Streets List may require assistance. As such, applicants are encouraged to contact the Vending Unit at (215) 686-2414 for more information. 

View the The Prohibited Streets List

Permits & Certificates

Permits or certificates may also be required for certain activities, especially for construction. See our section on Permits and Certificates for more detail, or browse our catalog of permits & certificates.

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