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Capacity Building for CDCs
The City funds capacity-building activities for CDCs through PACDC and by working on commercial corridors. Activities include assistance with planning, organization, real estate development and financial management. Through PHS the City provides nonprofit capacity building services to support community-led projects that create sustainable public spaces in low- and moderate-income areas.

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Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority
Since its founding, PRA has been involved in nearly every major development in the City. PRA focuses on community revitalization, facilitating development and supporting neighborhoods. While PRA continues to underwrite city subsidies for affordable housing, they have also added other financing products to facilitate development, and partnered with other government agencies to acquire property on their behalf.

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Consolidated Plan
DHCD’s Annual Action Plan outlines its activities and budget for the upcoming fiscal year 2017-18.

March issue highlights EITC, assistance with your taxes, Belinda Mayo’s retirement and Land Bank issues.

HTF Report 2014 third

HTF Annual Report
The Philadelphia Housing Trust Fund supports housing development and services