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Choice Neighborhoods Transformation Plan for North Central Philadelphia

The Transformation Plan is a set of coordinated strategies that outline a road map to neighborhood revitalization, linking new and rehabilitated housing with well-functioning services, schools, public assets, transportation and jobs. To learn more about the purpose of the Plan click here.

The Transformation Plan complements the Philadelphia2035 comprehensive plan, which serves as a 25 year blueprint for physical development in the city. To learn more about the relationship between the Transformation Plan and the Philadelphia 2035 Plan click here.

The North Central Transformation Area is home to poverty, distressed housing and poor health outcomes, as well as transit, employment and retail opportunities. To learn about the challenges and strengths of the neighborhood click here.

The North Central Transformation Neighborhood has benefited from more than 10 years of resident-driven planning processes and the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative provided an opportunity to build on the plans and create a unified vision for the North Central neighborhood. To learn how the Transformation Plan builds on previous resident-identified goals click here.

Stakeholder Engagement was a critical part of the planning process. To learn about the community planning process and priorities identified by the stakeholders click here.

The Neighborhood Plan builds on the neighborhood assets, private and institutional investments being made by Temple University, the extensive transit network in the form of buses, local subway and Regional Rail service while creating the framework to address the on-going issues of livability, safety, housing choice, schools, community services and vacant and blighted properties. To learn more about the Neighborhood Plan click here

The Housing Plan includes the development of high-quality housing that meets the diverse needs of its existing resident base, creating energy-efficient and sustainable housing options, promoting the preservation and protection of affordable housing units for long-time neighborhood residents and providing a range of mixed income housing options to serve the neighborhoods increasingly diverse population. The location, layout and exterior design were developed in collaboration with the Norris Resident Council and members of the North Central community. To learn more about the Housing Plan click here.

The People Plan is grounded in a one-stop-shop service delivery model, providing individualized, wrap around services to clients and includes an Education Strategy that will develop an Education Plan for each Norris Homes family with school aged children that includes education and support for parents. To learn more about the People Plan click here.

The North Central Philadelphia Transformation Plan is a resident-driven comprehensive strategy linking neighborhood, housing and people-focused initiatives to transform an entire community. To see a complete overview of the Plan click here.    
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