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Welcome to the $500,000 OR MORE page
You should be on this page only if your organization’s Total Federal Expenditures from All Federal Funding Sources is $500,000 or more.

Click here to return to the previous page if your organization’s Total Federal Expenditures from All Federal Funding Sources is less than $500,000.

Step 2

In addition to the SOFGF completed in Step 1, please submit the following documents:

Audit Engagement documents

1. Notification of Engagement of Independent Auditor (click here to access this form)

2. Audit Engagement letter, signed by both your organization and the Independent Public Accountant (IPA) your organization engaged, and that includes

  • a reference that the audit will be performed in accordance with the City of Philadelphia Subrecipient Audit Guide
  • a clause that permits access to work papers by representatives of OHCD or its designees and/or to pass-through agencies

3. Most recent Peer Review of your auditor (Your auditor can provide this)

4. Cover letter to OHCD transmitting these documents. Your cover letter MUST indicate for both aspects below, whether

  • Your organization, for its 2014 audit, is in the second or subsequent year of a multi-year audit engagement
  • Your organization used or will use any source of federal funds to pay for its 2014 audit

To see complete City submission requirements and deadlines for Audit Engagement documents,click here.

A-133 Audit Report documents

5. A-133 Audit Report

6. Data Collection Form (DCF)

7. Management Letter, if applicable (if completed by Organization’s auditor)

To see complete City and Federal submission requirements and deadlines for A-133 Audit Report documents,click here.

If your organization will not be able to meet the City's 4 month deadline for submission of the above 3 documents, your agency's auditor must
e-mail to request an extension. The request for an extension must include the reason for the request and the requested extension date. 

After you have compiled all applicable documents outlined above, follow the appropriate link below:

If your organization did NOT or will NOT use federal funds to pay for your 2014 audit, click here to go to Step 3.
If your organization DID or WILL use federal funds to pay for your 2014 audit, click here to go to Step 3.

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