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City of Philadelphia

Licenses and Inspections


Common Licenses and Permits

Property History

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Philadelphia’s building-related codes regulate the construction industry and set forth the legal responsibilities that come with property ownership.

L&I promotes Code compliance through education, consultation, responsiveness to public complaints, building plan reviews, licensing and permitting processes, on-site inspections, and enforcement actions. At all times, L&I’s focus is public safety.

What's New

  • Permit and License Fee Increase
  • Safer Philly Fire Escapes – How You Can Help
  • Partners in Housing Supplement: Protect Against Lead in Water
  • EZ Masonry Facade Permit Standards
  • Temple University Special Vending District
  • Changes to Building Demolition Requirements Effective 1/3/17
  • Landlord Lead Paint Responsiblity
  • Inspection report Requirements for Digital Display Signage