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City of Philadelphia


Register with the City of Philadelphia

Many professionals, and their employers, are responsible for registering with the City of Philadelphia and obtaining licenses to conduct business operations. If you already know which license you need, please select it from the list on the right-hand side of this page. Click here for a catalog of licenses issued by Licenses + Inspections. Here you can search for the license or permit you need, or access helpful guides applicable to all businesses as well as your specific business type. You can also find information on State and Federal regulations, incentives and city taxes.

Renewing Licenses Online
Many licenses can be renewed online within 30 days of expiring using eCLIPSE, Licenses + Inspections’ Electronic Commercial Licensing, Inspection and Permit Services Enterprise System.

You will need to be prepared to perform the following steps in order to renew licenses online using eCLIPSE:

  • Register online as a user of eCLIPSE using an email account
  • Associate an Activity License with your eCLIPSE account
  • Make a payment
    • Pay online using a credit card or checking account;
    • Use postal mail to return an invoice with a check or money order; OR
    • Pay In Person by bringing an invoice and payment (e.g. cash, check, or money order) to the Revenue Department

Ready to go?
Click here to register for an eCLIPSE account and renew your business license online. 

Licenses that CANNOT be Renewed Online
Please be aware that the following licenses cannot be renewed online at this time:

Permits & Certificates
Permits or certificates may also be required for certain activities, especially for construction. See our section on Permits and Certificates for more detail or browse our catalog of permits and certificates.

All Businesses
Commercial Activity License

Residential Property-Based Businesses
Vacant Property
High Rise
Private Dumpster                

Demolition Contractor
Plumber (Master, Journeyman and Apprentice)
Electrical Contractor
Electrical Inspector
Engineer (A,B, C and D)
Fire Alarm Inspector
Fire Suppression System Contractor
Fire Suppression System (Worker and Apprentice)
Home Inspector
Outdoor Advertising Sign
Sheet Metal (Technician and Apprentice)
Warm Air Installer
Curb Setter

Commercial Property-Based Businesses
Parking Lot/Garage
Motor Vehicle Repair
Special Assembly Occupancy
Vacant Commercial
Auto Wrecking/Junk Yard
High Rise
Private Dumpster

Food Businesses
Food Preparing and Serving, Caterer
Food Establishment (Retail, Non-Perm.)
Food Establishment (Retail, Perm Loc, up to 5,000 Sq. Ft.)
Food Establishment (Retail, Perm Loc, over 5,000 Sq. Ft.)
Food Manufacturer, Wholesale Processed
Food Preparing and Serving, up to 50 seats
Food Preparing and Serving, more than 50 seats

Vending Businesses
Neighborhood Vending District
Center City Vendor
Pushcart Vendor
Sidewalk Sales
Special Vending
Motor Vehicle
Foot Vendor

Additional Right-of-Way-Based Businesses
Curb Market
Sidewalk Café
Hand Bill
Honor Box
Outdoor Advertising Sign

Retail Businesses
Pawn Shop
Precious Metal Dealer
Scales and Scanners

Entertainment Businesses
Special Assembly Occupancy
Bingo Hall
Limited Occasion
Small Games of Chance

Child Care
Hazardous Materials
Immigration Assistance Provider
Public Dumpster
Construction Dumpster

Property History

Search eCLIPSE for Business Licenses (see above); for other L&I property history, search HERE.