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Returns on a Disk (ROAD)

The Department of Revenue offers tax preparation software called Returns on a Disk (ROAD). The program allows you to prepare and send certain tax returns directly to the City. The software eliminates computation errors and the need for blank tax returns.

Get access to ROAD software

If you’re a tax preparer who would like to use ROAD, you must complete an application form and send it to:

Electronic Government Services Unit
Philadelphia Dept. of Revenue
Municipal Services Building – Room 430
1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Once Revenue receives and approves your application, your name and contact information goes on a centralized list of ROAD program participants. Every year, once the ROAD program has been updated and tested, Revenue sends a link to tax preparers whose names are on this list. The link takes you to an online location where you can download and access the latest ROAD software.

You can use ROAD software to file the following taxes electronically:

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Don't forget to pay your taxes

ROAD is not a payment service. If you are using ROAD, you still need to make tax payments in one of the following ways:

By mail
The mailing address for your payment will vary depending on which tax you’re paying. See the “related content” links on this page to visit the webpage of the specific tax you’re paying.

Through electronic funds transfer (EFT)
Submit payments using our ACH Credit or ACH Debit option.

Once your return is filed through ROAD, you can pay by e-check or credit card on the City’s eFile/ePay portal. Look for Option 4: “Make an Electronic Payment.”

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