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Returns on a Disk (ROAD)

Returns on a Disk (ROAD), tax preparation software previously offered by the Department of Revenue, will end in 2019.

The program was designed to help tax preparers file returns more accurately and efficiently. In the future, we encourage them to use Modernized e-Filing (MeF) software packages approved by the Department and listed on our website.

Preparers can also file and pay returns individually through the City’s online system.

Information about ROAD’s final year

Previous ROAD users can participate in the program during its final year, if they provided the Department with a static IP address on time.

The Department cannot register new ROAD users, and is no longer accepting static IP addresses from previous users.

This year’s program can be used to file the following taxes electronically:

Returns for all previous years must be submitted on paper.

Don't forget to pay your taxes

ROAD is not a payment service. If you use ROAD in its final year, you still need to make tax payments in one of the following ways:

Once your return is filed through ROAD, you can pay for free with eCheck, or with a debit/credit card (fees apply), on the City’s eFile/ePay portal.

Through electronic funds transfer (EFT)
Submit payments using our ACH Credit or ACH Debit option.

By mail
The mailing address for your payment will vary depending on which tax you’re paying. See the “related content” links on this page to visit the webpage of the specific tax you’re paying.