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Apply for cash assistance

General Assistance is a state-run cash assistance program. The program provides a small monthly grant of approximately $200 to people who qualify.


To be eligible for General Assistance, you must have an income of less than $205/month and assets less than $250/month. You must also fall into one of the following categories:

  • Have a temporary or permanent disability, which must be verified by a doctor or certain other medical providers.
  • Are in a drug or alcohol treatment program. The program must verify that you are in treatment.
  • Are a victim/survivor of domestic violence who is not eligible for TANF cash assistance.
  • Are a child who is not living with a relative.
  • Are taking care of a person with a disability or for a child under age 13 who is not related to you.
  • Are a full-time secondary school student between 18 to 21 years old who expects to graduate while or before you are 21, and are not eligible for TANF cash assistance.

More information about the eligibility can be found at the Community Legal Services website.

Apply now

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services provides instructions for how to apply.

You may qualify for additional benefits, so contact any BenePhilly center across the city to request assistance with your application.