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Testing data

The Health Department reports testing data every two weeks. This dashboard will update with the latest information every Wednesday. If an official City holiday falls on a Wednesday, the data will be updated the following day. Unexpected technical issues may also delay reporting.

To see data on variants in the Delaware Valley, visit Penn Medicine’s surveillance sequencing dashboard.

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Philadelphia Prisons COVID-19 data

  • Current Symptomatic Cases:
  • Total Symptomatic Cases: *
    * Since 3/20/2020
  • Current Asymptomatic Cases:
  • Total Asymptomatic Cases: **
    ** Since 5/21/2020 (includes universal testing results)

Last updated:

Note: Philadelphia Department of Prisons tested all asymptomatic incarcerated people on May 20, 2020; testing was completed May 29, 2020.

Explore COVID-19 datasets

Explore and download datasets on COVID-19 cases in Philadelphia by date, ZIP code, age, or sex.

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