COVID-19 vaccine

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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)


This page includes guidance documents in English for individuals, businesses, schools, and organizations. Selected documents below are also available in Spanish, Simplified Chinese, French, Russian, and other languages.

Safety checklist


block the virus from spreading from infected persons by wearing masks and requiring others to wear them


use sneeze guards or plexiglass screens to prevent respiratory droplets expelled by infected persons from reaching others


keep people who might be carrying the virus safely away from others (ideally at home)


maintain space between people to reduce the chance that one infected individual will infect others

Reduce crowds

decrease the number of people that an infected person could pass the virus to if other steps are not successful


reduce the spread of virus from one person to another from touching contaminated surfaces


remove respiratory droplets that may contain virus from surfaces that people may touch


ensure staff, customers, and others taking part in permitted activities understand the safety guidance

Guidance documents