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Current situation and risk to Philadelphia

Masks strongly recommended in indoor public settings.

  • Average new cases per day: 150
  • Case increase: Less than 50% in the previous 10 days
  • Hospitalizations: 204

Last updated: November 30, 2022

COVID-19 Community Levels: The CDC provides updates to help individuals and communities take prevention steps based on the latest data. See Philadelphia’s current community level.


Data tracking

Press releases, blog posts, and live streams

Visit our archive of press releases, blog posts, and live streams on YouTube and Facebook.

Isolation and quarantine guidance

Follow the latest CDC guidance for updated isolation and quarantine periods.

This guidance applies to the general public. It does not apply to:

  • Healthcare workers.
  • People who work or live in congregate settings.
  • Schools, daycares, and other childcare settings.
  • Confinement facilities.

As more information becomes available from the CDC, specific guidance for the above individuals and settings will be posted on this website.

Note: Individuals with COVID-19 are most likely to transmit infection in the first 5 days after symptoms start or after their positive test. People who leave isolation after 5 days should be fever free and with improving symptoms. They must wear a mask at all times when around others and must eat in a space separate from others. Individuals with COVID-19 should not return to work unless they have a room to eat by themselves. Employers cannot require individuals with COVID-19 to return to work if they cannot provide a safe space for them to eat without exposing others.

COVID-19 emergency orders

The City of Philadelphia has issued several emergency orders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the latest emergency orders.

SMS survey

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health is sending texts and emails to contact individuals who have recently been tested for COVID-19.

The individualized survey link invitation will come from the phone number 1-855-270-3571.

Individuals are asked to complete a brief survey to help the Philadelphia Department of Public Health better understand and monitor the spread of COVID-19 in Philadelphia. Questions address demographic details and recent activities and exposures. Participation is voluntary.