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City of Philadelphia

Bid Qualification

Public Works vendors must be pre-qualified on a bid-by-bid basis.
All prospective bidders are requested to complete and submit a “Questionnaire and Financial Statement for Qualifying Bidders” on each Public Works Bid. Completed pre-qualification questionnaires are due on the date specified in the bid and as advertised, generally 14 days preceding the bid opening. Compliance with the pre-qualification procedure is mandatory.

The operating department responsible for the bid project, in concert with the Procurement Department, reviews all pre-qualification questionnaires and evaluates each vendor’s qualifications/responsibility based on the data submitted in the questionnaire. The questionnaire allows the City to assess the ability, experience, responsibility, record of performance, and financial resources of each prospective bidder.

Bidders are disqualified if:

  • The bidder fails to submit a pre-qualification questionnaire within the time specified, with no exceptions permitted;
  • The operating department, in concert with the Procurement Department, reviews the pre-qualification questionnaire and determines the vendor to be insufficiently qualified or otherwise not responsible to perform the work on a particular bid. 
Any bidder found not qualified may appeal and request a hearing within 24 hours after receiving notice of the disqualification. Vendors should submit appeals and requests for a hearing directly to the Public Works Division, as instructed in the disqualification notification.