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Hot weather preparedness

Very hot weather can make people sick, even healthy adults. Older adults, pregnant women, infants and young children, and people with medical conditions are at higher risk. Pets can also be at risk. Hot weather can also cause utility disruptions or bad weather.

Heat Health Emergency

During very hot weather, the City can declare a Heat Health Emergency.

In a Heat Health Emergency:

  • The Heatline – a special helpline number – is open for calls: (215) 765-9040.
  • Cooling centers will stay open later. Find your local cooling center.
  • Mobile heat health teams may be dispatched.
  • Residential utility shutoffs are stopped.

Call the Heatline at (215) 765-9040 to:

  • Get health safety tips.
  • Talk to health department nurses about medical problems related to the heat.

If you think someone is having a medical emergency, call 911.

Code Red

During very hot weather the City can declare a Code Red to protect people who are homeless. A Code Red also affects pet care.

  • For people who are homeless: Call the outreach team at (215) 232-1984 if you see someone on the street who needs help. Call 911 if there is a medical emergency.
  • For pets: All dogs must have shade to protect them from the sun. If you do not provide your dog shade, you could face a fine of $500 or more. To report a dog left outdoors in very hot weather, call the Animal Care and Control Team (ACCTPhilly) at (267) 385-3800.

Stay cool

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