City of Philadelphia

Review & Appeal


What if I disagree with my bill?
If you disagree with your bill, call or write the Water Revenue Bureau. If you are not satisfied with the Bureau's action, you may request a more thorough review of your bill. The Bureau will review your bill and issue a written decision.


The following are issues that may be reviewed:

  • Your responsibility for water and sewer bills or possible errors in the charges
  • The amount due on your bill
  • Payment agreement terms
  • Shut-off of your water and sewer service for not providing access to the meter for repair, installation, or reading
  • Shut-off of your water and sewer service for not paying your bill
  • Denial of your request for continued service due to a medical emergency
  • Denial of your application for service

Written decisions made by the Bureau are mailed to your home along with an appeals form.


What is my right to appeal?
If you disagree with the Water Revenue Bureau's written decision, you may appeal to the Tax Review Board within 60 days of the decision by taking one of the following steps:

  • Mail in your completed appeals form; or
  • Contact the Tax Review Board at the following location:

Tax Review Board
Land Title Building
100 South Broad Street, Suite 400
Philadelphia, PA 19110-1099
(215) 686-5215


After your Tax Review Board hearing, a written decision is mailed to your home.