Senior staff

Frank Breslin
Revenue Commissioner - Chief Collections Officer
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Kathleen McColgan
Tax Deputy Revenue Commissioner
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Michelle L. Bethel
Deputy Revenue Commissioner (Water Revenue Bureau)
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Marco A. Muniz
Deputy Revenue Commissioner (Collections)
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Delores U. Davis
Deputy Revenue Commissioner for Administration and Special Projects
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Tilahun Afessa
Director of Policy, Planning, and Outreach
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profile photo of Beth Jurman
Beth Jurman
IT Director

Beth Jurman has over twenty years’ experience in enterprise engineering and software development with some of Philadelphia’s largest business partners including The Philadelphia Stock Exchange (NASDAQ), CIGNA, Independence Blue Cross and Comcast. Ms. Jurman is proud to bring her knowledge and experience to the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Revenue where she directs the technological efforts of Philadelphia’s tax and water billing initiatives.

Ms. Jurman holds a MA from Columbia University, a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, and a BS from Colorado State University.

Mark Harvey
Director of Operations (Water Revenue Bureau)

Mark Harvey started working with the City of Philadelphia in 1988. He has 30 years of service with the Department of Revenue’s Water Revenue Bureau.

Mr. Harvey earned a BBA with a major in accounting from Temple University.

Mike Isard
Research Director

As Research Director, Mike Isard directs and manages a research group within the Department of Revenue. This group applies advanced database methods and technology to taxpayer and water customer information.

Mr. Isard has been an employee of the City of Philadelphia since 1989. He has worked with the Controller’s Office as an auditor and financial forecaster.

Mr. Isard is a licensed CPA who attended the University of Michigan. He holds a BS in Business Accounting from the State University of New York.