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For senior citizens

The Department of Revenue offers several discounts to senior citizens. If you meet certain criteria, you may be able to reduce the amount of your water bill, keep your Real Estate Tax bills from increasing, or enter into a monthly payment arrangement for Real Estate Taxes.

Visit Senior citizen discounts for detailed information on the programs summarized below.

Water bills

Senior Citizen Water Bill Discount

The Water Revenue Department offers a 25% discount on water and sewer bills to qualifying seniors who are water customers.

Property taxes

Low Income Senior Citizen Real Estate Tax Freeze

The Department of Revenue will “freeze” your Real Estate Tax if you meet certain age and income requirements. This stops your property taxes from increasing, even if your property assessment or tax rates increase.

Real Estate Tax installment plan

This program is for low-income taxpayers and senior citizens who own and live in their home. If eligible, you can pay your current-year Real Estate Tax in monthly installments. Completed applications must be submitted by the end of February.

Additional assistance options

Other discounts, plans, credits, and payment agreements are available based on your income and other eligibility factors. You may wish to explore eligibility for income-based assistance programs if you’re experiencing financial hardship.