City of Philadelphia: Graffiti Removal
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City of Philadelphia

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Reporting Tips

  • Provide the exact address and zip code of the graffiti
  • Indicate what kind of structure was tagged (house, wall, sidewalk etc.) and where (front, side, back of property)
  • Specify what kind of removal method is preferred: painted surfaces can be repainted – we need to know what color. Unpainted surfaces such as natural brick, stone, and metal can be power-washed.
  • Be proactive – report graffiti as soon as it appears in your neighborhood.

Graffiti is a crime that generally occurs when vandals deface properties for destructive purposes, hate crimes or to indicate drug and gang activity. Other misguided individuals vandalize properties to showcase their tags and "pieces" on your homes, businesses, vehicles, etc. The results of which are a nuisance to property owners, many of whom are unable to afford the repeated clean up costs. 

Graffiti also contributes to the perception of blight, discourages economic development and lowers property values in the affected areas. 

In the last ten years, GAT has removed graffiti from over one million properties and street fixtures in Philadelphia. This is a free service available to all residents in the city.

Anti-Graffiti Agencies

The Graffiti Abatement Team is not responsible for removal in the following areas and callers should be directed to the proper contact listed:

Graffiti in Center City: report to the Center City District (CCD) by dialing (215) 440-5500.

Click here to view the Center City District boundaries map.

The Center City District will not remove graffiti above the first level of a building. Instead, a violation will be given to the property owner. It is the property owner's responsibility to remove graffiti above the first level.

Public Schools
News Stands
Newspaper Boxes
SEPTA Bridges
PGW Property
PECO Property
1-800-494-4000 (press 0)
Conrail (CSX)