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City of Philadelphia


The Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I) is responsible for administering the zoning code. L&I ensures public safety by issuing permits and licenses and providing inspections.  The City Planning Commission advises the Zoning Board, applicants and community groups about zoning cases.

Zoning Code Sections

Chapter 14
Section 100:  General Provisions
Section 200:  Definitions
Section 300:  Administration and Procedures
Section 400:  Base Zoning Districts
Section 500:  Overlay Zoning Districts
Section 600:  Use Regulations
Section 700:  Development Standards
Section 800:  Park and Loading
Section 900:  Signs
Section 1000: Historic Preservation

Zoning Resources 

Request a zoning change by contacting your district City Council member and the appropriate District Planner to discuss the request.  Review the neighborhood zoning remapping process.

View illustrative examples for each zoning district, basic measurements and standards, and categories of allowed uses in the Zoning Code Quick Reference Guide.  

Read the Zoning Code 5-Year Report and Appendix for the first five years since the re-write of the Zoning Code.

View a list of Heritage Trees for preservation as cited in Section 14-705(1)(e) of the Zoning Code.

View current zoning, past zoning cases and other information in Atlas.

View other zoning facts and resources.