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The Comprehensive Plan

Planning for Philadelphia's physical development and creating a road map to achieve that vision.


The Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) creates and updates the City's Comprehensive Plan. This vision for the future of the city includes:

  • Housing.
  • Employment centers.
  • Transportation.
  • Community facilities.
  • Parks.
  • Historic properties.
  • Environmental resources.
  • Other aspects of the physical environment.

This plan is used to guide decisions made by various City offices.

There are many groups involved in creating the Comprehensive Plan. Among others, they include:

  • Residents.
  • Businesses.
  • Universities.
  • Cultural institutions.
  • City agencies.

The Comprehensive Plan makes recommendations and lists steps to make them happen.

The current Comprehensive Plan is "Philadelphia 2035: The Comprehensive Plan." It has two parts. The Citywide Vision sets out policies and goals. The 18 District Plans give recommendations for each section of the city.

Starting in 2021, PCPC will begin updating the Comprehensive Plan.


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Thrive, Connect, and Renew

The plan is currently organized around three big themes: Thrive, Connect, and Renew.

Thrive - Economic development

Thrive addresses housing, jobs, and vacant land. The recommendations will help Philadelphia build healthy neighborhoods that have affordable housing choices and convenient local shopping options. The plan includes ways to support recreation centers, libraries, and other neighborhood places. There are also recommendations to create jobs and bring new companies to the city or grow existing ones. This section also talks about vacant land and new development.

Connect - Transportation

Connect has recommendations for public transportation and utilities. They include safety improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists. There are recommendations to improve the subway, buses, trolleys, and trains. The plan also calls for ways to adapt utilities for more users and better energy consumption.

Renew - Natural resources

Renew focuses on nature and history in the city. For example, the plan might recommend expanding parks and trails along the river to provide access to clean water and air. Parks and trails also give residents opportunities for recreation. The historic preservation recommendations are to save and reuse important neighborhood buildings and places. There are also recommendations in the plan to improve the city's sidewalks, parks, and public spaces.

Get involved

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