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Capital Program

Preparing the Capital Program and Budget for municipal buildings, facilities, and specialized equipment.


The Capital Program is the six-year plan for investing in Philadelphia's:

  • City-owned buildings and facilities.
  • Municipal computer and communications networks.
  • Specialized municipal vehicles.
  • Streets and transit system.

The first-year spending plan in the Capital Program is called the Capital Budget. The City Planning Commission submits a Recommended Capital Program and Capital Budget to the mayor. The commission also reviews and makes recommendations on Capital Program and Budget amendments.

Staff works with the Budget and Grants Office to balance the needs of more than 20 agencies and departments. Priorities are established based upon criteria such as:

  • The mayor's priorities.
  • The ability to reduce racial disparities.
  • The recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan, partner departments’ plans, adopted master plans, and community plans.
  • The need to manage City facilities to deliver effective public services.
  • City government’s fiscal policies and constraints.
  • The ability of departments to implement projects.
  • The ability to use capital funding from other government and private sources.


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