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Office of the Director of Finance


Executive Office

Finance Director, Rob Dubow

The Office of the Director of Finance provides oversight for the City’s fiscal policy, for the various programs within the Finance Department listed below, and for agencies that report to the director of finance, including the City Treasurer’s Office, the Department of Revenue, the Office of Property Assessment, and the Board of Pensions and Retirement.

Administrative Services Center

Director of Administration, Development and Training, Elizabeth Hanley

The Administrative Services Center (ASC) provides financial and/or administrative services for various City departments. Those departments include the Office of the Director of Finance, the Procurement Department, the City Treasurer’s Office, the Office of Human Resources, the Office of Innovation and Technology, and the Civil Service Commission. In addition, the ASC delivers trainings and other capacity-building initiatives to improve financial practices and procedures throughout the City.

Office of Recovery and Grants

Recovery Officer, Sally Stopher

The Office of Recovery and Grants is responsible for the oversight of the federal and state funding that the City has received to assist with its response to and recovery from COVID-19. The office also supports the pursuit of grants that align with the mayor’s priorities and increase the federal, state, and philanthropic funding that is available to the City and to agencies and organizations that benefit the City. Finally, the office supports City agencies and departments in their management of grant funding to ensure compliance with grant guidelines and fiscal policies.

Internal Controls and Compliance

Director of Internal Controls and Compliance, Mervisa Johnson

Internal Controls is responsible for updating and ensuring compliance with the City’s Standard Accounting Procedures (SAPs) and assisting departments with safeguarding the City’s resources, reducing inefficiencies, and maintaining the reliability and accuracy of accounting and operating data. Internal Controls also works with the City Controller to address Citywide internal and external compliance matters, taking steps to review Citywide policies, procedures, and practices; identify areas of weakness; develop new procedures; and ensure departments adhere to established policies and internal control measures.


Director for Payroll, Valerie Hayes

Central Payroll processes weekly payroll and special payrolls for all active City of Philadelphia employees in the City’s 50+ operating departments. Payroll also sets up direct deposits and processes wage garnishments and certain voluntary payroll deductions.


Director, Prachi Sathe

OnePhilly oversees the modernization of the City’s human resources, payroll, pensions, and fringe benefits systems, along with associated business process improvements that will allow for more efficient operations and improve services for employees.

Accounting Bureau

Director, Josefine Arevalo

Accounting records the City’s financial activity, maintains the City’s centralized accounting system, establishes and enforces Standard Accounting Procedures for the management and expenditure of all dollars to ensure that proper internal controls are in place to safeguard City funds, processes vendor payments, and issues financial reports.

To learn more about government accounting, read the Government Accounting Standards Board’s white paper.

Budget Office

Budget Director, Marisa Waxman

The Budget Office ensures the City’s long-term fiscal health while allocating the resources necessary for City programs and services to operate efficiently and effectively and to serve all Philadelphians equitably. Budget oversees the preparation of the operating and capital budgets. Once the operating and capital budgets are adopted, the Budget Office is responsible for monitoring operating spending by expenditure class code, department, and fund; and the capital budget by projects, budget lines, funding, historical records of bid awards, cost overruns, as well as other fiscal and project information.

Office of Risk Management

Risk Manager, Barry Scott

The Office of Risk Management analyzes the City’s insurance and other risk exposure issues, including managing claims, workers’ compensation, and service-connected disabilities. They also provide safety and loss prevention programs.

Visit Risk Management

Finance Program Management Office

Executive Director, John Hodge

The Finance Program Management Office (Finance PMO) supports process redesign and technology implementations with proven methodologies to enable the Office of the Director of Finance to deliver projects that align with department goals more efficiently.

The Finance PMO supports the rest of Finance by providing personnel to fill key project roles to assist department staff and vendors in fulfilling project goals.