The commissioners

Established in 1929, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission guides investment and growth in Philadelphia. The Mayor appoints the commissioners, who are supported by the commission staff.

Philadelphia City Planning Commission

Appointed members

Name Role
Joseph Syrnick, Vice-Chair Traffic Engineer
Garlen Capita Urban Planner
Patrick Eiding Community Representative
Cheryl Gaston, Esq. Land Use Attorney
Nancy Rogo Trainer, AIA, AICP, LEED AP Architect
Maria Gonzalez Community Representative
Ariel Vázquez Architect

Ex Officio Members

Name Title Designee
Tumar Alexander Acting Managing Director Christopher Rupe
Rob Dubow Director of Finance Peilin Chen
Sylvie Gallier Howard Acting Director of Commerce Duane Bumb
Anne Fadullon, Chair Director of Planning and Development Anne Fadullon