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Art and Design

The Art and Design team works to ensure that development improves public spaces. These include streets, plazas, and open spaces, as well as the building faces that relate to them. The team:

  • Creates design concept drawings.
  • Performs zoning code-based design reviews.
  • Supports the Civic Design Review Committee.
  • Supports the Art Commission.
  • Supports the PHDC Percent for Art Program.

Comprehensive Planning

The Comprehensive Planning team oversees implementation of the City’s comprehensive plan. The team also researches issues and policies that affect development in the city. This research, in addition to information gathered from the community, will be the basis of an upcoming revision to the comprehensive plan.


The Development team reviews development plans to see if they comply with zoning and land use rules and makes recommendations about site design. Reviews ensure that applications meet environmental regulations and other City and state development controls that were put in place to protect communities.


The Legislation team connects the comprehensive plan to laws, regulations, and policies. The team reviews bills introduced by City Council for consideration by the Planning Commission and drafts bills upon request from City Councilmembers. Team members also:

  • Review and propose revisions to Planning Commission regulations.
  • Coordinate the analysis of zoning appeals.
  • Represent City Planning at the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Policy and Analysis

The Policy and Analysis team works with other agencies and Planning Commission teams on studies and recommendations for:

  • Capital investments and municipal facilities.
  • Transportation.
  • Housing.
  • Public health.
  • Economic development.
  • Population and job forecasts.
  • Land use.
  • Environmental quality.
  • Emergency management.
  • Climate change.

The team also manages the development of the City’s Capital Program.

Citizens Planning Institute (CPI)

The Citizens Planning Institute (CPI) introduces Philadelphians to city planning and real estate development. CPI runs a seven-week course every spring and fall to give residents the tools to improve and strengthen their neighborhoods. Students learn how to make a difference where they live.