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City of Philadelphia

Support Letters

The staff of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) frequently receives requests for letters or forms that document particular findings in order to support applications for Federal, Commonwealth, or private funding.
To help staff manage and evaluate these requests, applicants are encouraged to follow these guidelines:

• Make requests at least 10 business days before letters are needed for application packages.
o Housing and Community Development-related letter requests should be directed to PCPC community planners
o Transportation, Open Space, and Recreation-related letter requests should be directed to David Kanthor

• Keep requests via email to less than 10Mb total.
• Briefly summarize the history, purpose, and partners of the project.
• Provide relevant plans, renderings, or images.
• Include all required information on the submitted drafts of letters or forms.
• Provide backup contact information, in case the primary contact cannot be reached.