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City of Philadelphia

Trail Master Plan

The Philadelphia Trail Master Plan is the first of its kind in Philadelphia. 
Philadelphia2035 recommended the plan to coordinate the planning and construction of trail systems.  It inventories trails and prioritizes more than 60 proposed trail segments citywide. The goal of the plan is to communicate City priorities with one voice and document.  The Philadelphia Trail Committee leads implementation of the plan.  The Committee includes representatives from the Planning Commission, Parks & Recreation, Mayor's Office of Transportation & Utilities, Streets, Commerce and Water departments, and other agencies that impact trail development citywide.

The Committee meets quarterly for updates on trail activity citywide, to set City funding priorities for trail funding sources, and to guide the next steps of the Philadelphia Trail Master Plan.
The implementation of the Philadelphia Trail Master Plan is an on-going coordinated effort between City agencies and non-profit trail partners. The Philadelphia Trail Committee is the implementing body for the plan and meets quarterly to set City priorities, hear about new developments on trails citywide, rank applications for various trail funding programs, and guide the next steps and annual update for the plan. 

Annual updates of the plan are an important aspect of implementation, as the criteria used to determine priorities for proposed projects change over time. The 2015 Philadelphia Trail Plan Update updated the priority analysis to reflect changes in projects since the 2013 document. In addition, the report included information on high impact trail projects, listed funding retained for Philadelphia trails in the last year, and detailed next steps. Read the 2014 report, the 2015 report, the 2017 annual update and the 2018 update. The 2019 annual update includes a prioritization list for proposed trail segments as well as for rehabilitation of existing trails.  

In 2016, the City Planning Commission and Parks & Recreation completed the Rail Trail PHL Feasibility Study. The agencies reviewed proposed trail connections for the Fox Chase Lorimer Trail, Parkside Cynwyd Trail, and Airport Fort Mifflin Trail.  The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission funded the study through a Transportation and Community Development grant.

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