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City of Philadelphia

Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan

The City Planning Commission adopted the Philadelphia Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan in June 2012. The Plan identifies strategies and specific recommendations to increase the number of people walking and bicycling in the City by improving the safety, connectivity, convenience, and attractiveness of the pedestrian and bicycle networks.
The Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan is the first citywide Pedestrian Plan and an update to the 2000 citywide Bicycle Network Plan. The Plan has five goals related to: Safety, Encouragement, Connectivity, the Public Realm, and Recognition. It will assist City departments in prioritizing pedestrian and bicycle improvements, and will help to guide the implementation of the Complete Streets policy. It includes analysis of the existing pedestrian and bicycle networks, recommendations for policies and programs affecting bicyclists and pedestrians, a citywide sidewalk inventory, new street types and sidewalk design standards, and recommended pedestrian and bicycle network improvements.

The Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan is a key recommendation and implementation step of Philadelphia2035. Related efforts include the Complete Streets Handbook and a citywide Trails Master Plan to guide roadway design and off-road priorities, respectively. In 2015, the first Progress Report updating efforts to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and improve infrastructure was released.
The 2016 Philadelphia Bicycle Map provides information and resources for existing bicycle facilities, safe riding practices, and the health benefits of bicycling. This pdf includes both a city-wide map and an enlarged look at the downtown core.
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Plan Appendices

Appendix A: Prior Studies
Previous plans and studies that inform the Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan

Appendix B: Questionnaire
A summary of responses to an online questionnaire covering pedestrian and bicycle behaviors and challenges in Philadelphia

Appendix C: Policy Papers
Policy recommendations and best practices for pedestrian and bicycle-related improvements.

Appendix D: Pedestrian Focus Areas
Locations recommended for priority pedestrian improvements

Appendix E: Bicycle Focus Areas
Locations recommended for priority bicycle improvements