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City of Philadelphia

Planning Divisions

Urban Design

The Urban Design Division is responsible for guiding the design and visualization of public policies developed by the City Planning Commission. The goal of the Division is to maintain and enhance the livability, human scale, and cultural resources of Philadelphia.

Community Planning Division

The staff of the Community Planning Division is responsible for district planning, neighborhood planning, urban renewal planning, citizen outreach, and transportation studies related to community development.

Strategic Planning and Policy Division

Deals with critical citywide policy issues and planning opportunities in the areas of housing and demographics, transportation, economic development, and public health and prepares the City’s annual Capital Program and Budget.

Development Planning Division

Responsible for reviewing plans for new development, and examining the implications of such plans with respect to the Zoning Code, Land Subdivision Ordinance, federal and State environmental regulations, and other City and State land use controls.

GIS/Graphics Division

Uses geographic information systems to create and maintain data which is then used for map production both in paper and digital formats. The division performs data analysis for the Planning Commission.