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Call 3-1-1 for information or help with the City of Philadelphia Government services.

We can be reached directly at (215)686-8686 if for any reason you can't dial 311.

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The Philly 311 Team
Graham Quinn
After joining Philly311 in 2012, Graham Quinn oversaw the implementation and launch of the first Philly311 mobile app. The pioneering app received praise as City Paper’s 2012 Big Vision Award for its integration of Philly311’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Later in his tenure with Philly311, Quinn was instrumental in the next phase of CRM implementation in 2015. The change allowed Philly311 to offer the best customer experience possible by offering security, transparency, and efficiency with the cloud technology.

With a strong background in management and strategy, one of Quinn’s main goals as Executive Director is to leverage big data to deliver better customer service while working with key partners to ensure the best possible experience. Quinn is currently spearheading development of a mobile-responsive update to the Philly311 interface; one that will integrate directly with City departments, furthering the efficiency at which services are accessed.

Prior to working for the City, Graham Quinn managed teams for Fortune 100 companies as well as several start-ups. Graham holds a BA from University of Colorado, an MBA from George Washington University, and was selected for a Potomac Fellowship award.