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Volunteer at a prison

Service overview

Volunteers with the Philadelphia Department of Prisons help provide educational and spiritual support to incarcerated people.

Volunteers will receive 16 hours of training before doing any work with incarcerated people.


You must be over 21 years old to volunteer.

Ex-offenders must wait six months after their release from prison before they can volunteer. Their participation is subject to approval by the Commissioner of the Philadelphia Department of Prisons.

Relatives of incarcerated people may volunteer, but not in the same facility where their family member is housed.

Where and when

You can volunteer at any of Philadelphia’s four prison facilities.


Download, print, and complete the volunteer application. Then, fax or mail the application to the Volunteer Services Division.


Philadelphia Department of Prisons
ATTN: Director of Volunteer Services
8001 State Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 19136


(215) 685-8506