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Get a copy of a public safety report

You can get copies of public safety records from the Department of Records. This includes:

  • Traffic accident reports (also known as crash reports).
  • Police incident or offense reports.
  • Fire reports.
  • Emergency medical services (EMS) reports.
  • Police record checks.
  • Letters of good conduct.

Some reports (such as EMS reports) may contain confidential information and are not available to everyone. See the applications to learn about who can apply.

Requesting reports online

You can get traffic accident reports online by using the crash reports application. You must request all other reports in person or by mail.

Requesting reports in person or by mail

Prepare your application and payment.

Use the table below to determine which application you need and how much it will cost to apply.

You can pay by cash, money order, business, or certified check. We do not accept personal checks, credit, or debit cards. Make checks payable to “City of Philadelphia.”

Link to application Issuing department Processing estimate Application fee
Traffic accident report

If you don’t have an acceptable ID, you will also need to include the no photo ID form.

Department of Records 2 to 3 weeks $25
Police incident or offense report application Police Department 10 to 12 weeks $25
Fire report Fire Department 6 to 8 weeks $20
EMS report Emergency Medical Services (EMS) 6 to 8 weeks $6.50
Police record checks Police Department 10 days $40
Letters of good conduct Police Department 10 days $40
Mail or drop off your application and payment.

Department of Records
Public Safety Records Unit
City Hall, Room 170
1400 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA  19107

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Department of Records will send your application to the issuing department.
You will receive a copy of the report.