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Mark Wheeler
Chief Information Officer
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Andrew Buss
Deputy CIO for Innovation Management

Andrew directs the Innovation Management group within Philadelphia’s Office of Innovation and Technology. Aligned closely with the City’s Chief Administrative Officer, Innovation Management focuses on developing capacity for innovation within municipal government and finding ways to make technology accessible and meaningful to the public. Before moving into the innovation space, Andrew directed Philadelphia’s implementation of a citywide network of technology-enabled community centers known as Keyspots. Andrew earned a graduate degree in geography from Temple University in Philadelphia and continues to teach there as an adjunct instructor.

Name Job title Phone #
Jeanne Adamson Content Strategy Practice Lead
Steven Branigan Chief Information Security Officer
Andrew Buss Deputy CIO for Innovation Management
Sandra Carter Deputy CIO and Chief Operating Officer
Nadine Dodge Deputy CIO for Public Safety
Chris Donato Deputy CIO and Chief Financial Officer
Juliet Fink-Yates Digital Inclusion Fellow
Sara Hall User Experience Practice Lead
Tim Haynes Geographic Information Officer and Chief Data Officer
Joanna Hecht Pitch & Pilot Fellow
Labonno Islam Digital Engagement and Communications Specialist
Concetta Lily-Pearson HR/Workforce Director
Kyle Odum Director of Creative Services
Stephanie Orlando Innovation Coordinator
Eliza Pollack Director of Innovation
Ashley Pollard K-12 Digital Access Program Manager
Steven Robertson Deputy CIO Chief of Staff
Tom Swanson Deputy CIO for Enterprise Architecture
Emily Yates Smart Cities Director
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